CEO Message

“If cells can multiply to cause cancer, so should our efforts to fight cancer,” Armed with this belief, We wage a war against cancer to enable people to manage their disease and live more productive lives.

We understand how traumatic it is to accidently run into the realm of the unknown, disease, of cancer and ultimately find yourself engulfed in unending darkness and ever increasing pain.

Therefore, through our wide array of affordable oncology products developed with knowledge, understanding and expertise, we attempt to increase survival rate while at the same time minimize the toxicity and inconvenience associated with cancer treatment.

Our satisfaction emanates from the fact that our pharmaceutical endeavours have helped to improve the quality of life for our patients, thereby making a difference to their lives and also to the world at large. The fact that we have a role to play in your health & physical well being is an incentive enough to stimulate us to perform with increased dedication and devotion.

With in-depth knowledge of the disease and understanding of its effects, with conviction in our formulations and with faith that tomorrow will be better than today, we embark upon our journey of serving hope and support to those battling with cancer. The most active ingredient our formulation is Hope. So, we encourage cancer patients to put up a fight against Cancer by constantly reminding that “when faced with cancer: Treat, Don’t retreat.

Ajay Batra